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Our Philosophy

Ræd (pronounced Rad) Business Solutions mission is to support the success of small businesses. We offer support services to potential business owners in their pursuit of business ownership.  We can assist you in finding low or no cost resources that can help you set-up, finance, and grow your own business.

Our Story

In support of our Entrepreneur’s, and small businesses that share our philosophy, we promote them on our website by sharing our personal experiences with their company, the research we have done about their company, and what employees and customers have shared about their experience with the company.

It is our goal to build a Network of Small Businesses who demonstrate the philosophy, “customers and quality always comes first”, and who’s employees consistently rate them as a “great place to work”.

Our store, Ræd Marketing Materials, sells marketing, promotional products, and office supplies. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the diabetes foundation fund.

Meet the Founder

We’re in the business of making your business a success.

Diana Page


Executive Director

Diana Page has been fortunate enough to work with some remarkable and inspiring individuals over the past 28 years.  She blossomed under those that shared her passion for helping others, and provided pathways for teens to reach their full potential.  For over a decade she served the deaf community as an advocate, sign language, & oral interpreter.  She worked with them daily as an advocate in an agency, was their voice when they needed assistance within the hearing community, and Interpreted for them in the educational settings.  She spent more than 4 years overseeing the Floater and workforce program established at PFF Bank & Trust by a mentor.  She worked with and mentored the foster teens from Dave & Margaret Youth and Family Services.  The program provided on the job training, mentoring and other support services to aid in their success and retention.  Unfortunately, the program was not continued by the institution that took over the small savings and loan during the financial crash of 2008.  In recent years Diana struck out on her own, seeking to help entrepreneurs connect with agencies that offered key services, classes, financing and mentorship to help them start or grow their own businesses at no cost.  Her focus was on helping displaced workers and Vets interested in starting their own businesses.  Diana met Dr. Kim Scott at a networking meeting and welcomed the chance to again help Foster and other at-risk youth reach their full potential. Being like-minded and sharing similar goals, they saw how together they could develop a program that would provide the teens with the skills to become business leaders in their communities.  As a board member, Diana plans to focus her attention on assisting Teen Focus in their mission by developing, and coordinating internship opportunities with local businesses in the San Bernardino, Riverside and Fresno counties.  She is delighted to work with Dr. Kim Scott in providing the interested post-graduate youth with the opportunity to receive the training, skills, mentoring and support they will need to start their own businesses.

President & Program Coordinator Teen Focus Inc.

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